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Nature World Wildlife Rescue

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About Us

We are a group of dedicated volunteers committed to the rescue, rehab, and release of injured or orphaned wildlife. We are currently servicing Citrus, Marion, Levy, and Hernando Counties, and work with our local veterinarians for all wildlife care. Special thank you to Dr. Hall of Homosassa Animal & Bird Hospital, Midway Animal Hospital of Homosassa, and Countryside Animal Hospital of Beverly Hills.

Our organization was established in early 1985 by the Homosassa Springs Nature World attraction and Drs. K.C Nayfield and Mark Lowe of Midway Animal Hospital. 

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As of 2022, our group has rescued over 31,000 wildlife cases. The goal of every case is to successfully release the animal back to the wild. We strive to make a difference in the environment and preserve the rights for those who have no voice. 

State and Federally permitted, Nonprofit 501c-3 

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A Message From FWC:
"Keeping any sick, injured, orphaned, or otherwise impaired wildlife beyond the time necessary to transport to a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator is a violation of Florida law. A Wildlife Rehabilitation permit issued by FWC is required to rehabilitate wildlife, including any care beyond immediate transport of wildlife to a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator."
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Wild animals are not pets. Our goal is to rescue, rehab, and release those of ill fortune back to their homes, in the ecosystem they thrive in. 
If you found an animal,

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